How to Spring Clean Your Kia in Santa Fe, NM Like a Professional

Spring is already in full swing, and it’s the perfect season to go on a road trip with your friends or family. But you don’t want to hit the road with your car all dirty and messy. Cleaning your Kia in Santa Fe, NM weather isn’t the easiest of chores but you have to do it if you want your passengers to feel comfortable and safe throughout the journey. Here are a few spring cleaning tips that can help make your life easier.

Get rid of all trash

Before spraying the floor and seats with hot water, remove all the garbage first. Toss out food wrappers and crumpled paper lying on the floor or stuck in crevices. Empty the compartment. Take out all items and accessories that can get damaged when wet. You probably have a bag full of important documents underneath one of the seats. Make sure to remove that as well.

Remove the floor mats and then dust away

Once you’re cleared out trash, it’s time to vacuum. Pull out the floor mats and wash it outside to get rid of all the winter grime. Get a broom and sweep the floor of your car. Make sure to cover areas underneath the seats that are difficult to access. Then, start vacuuming the seats. Suction away as much dust as possible. This is especially crucial if your car seats are made of fabric because they store a generous amount of dust.

Deep clean the seats

If the seat covering is made of fabric, chances are the cushion has absorbed a great deal of dust and oil. You can draw out the dust using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have one, consider deep cleaning the seats manually by spraying with hot water and scrubbing with a clean cloth and soap. However, expect the seats to take longer to dry this way. If there are stubborn stains, spray with a cleaning solution made from a mixture of water, vinegar, and dish soap.

Wipe high-touch surfaces

Spray the steering wheel, the door handles, the dashboard, and the cup holder with water-detergent solution and wipe with clean, moist cloth. This will remove oil, grease, and dead cells that have accumulated on these surfaces. While alcohol may be a good disinfectant, it’s not as effective as soap in getting rid of oil and grease.

Clean the windows

Some of the picturesque views you’ll find on your trip are just along the way. You’d want your windows to be crystal clear as you pass by these places so your passengers can take photos with ease. To make sure your car’s windows are free of stains, rub it with a paper towel or microfiber cloth dipped in a water-vinegar-alcohol solution.

Once you’re done cleaning your vehicle’s interior, it’s time to wash the exterior. You can wash it yourself or go to a car wash for an easier time. But if you want every nook and cranny to look spick and span and the exterior looking brand new, consider having your vehicle detailed. That might cost you more than a typical car wash but it’s worth it. Check out Fiesta Kia for more helpful tips.

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