Ford Explorer Base vs XLT

The Ford Explorer is a daring sports utility vehicle that can take on any terrain. A best seller, it is offered in many models designed to fit all drivers taste. Following is the comparison between the Ford Explorer base model and the XLT model.

Base Model

The base, or basic, model comes with great features. The exterior accessories, such as the door handles, front and rear bumpers, and moldings come in black. The exterior colors are offered in an expansive array of bright to neutral colors, appealing to all tastes. Visit the local dealership for the Ford Explorer in Barrington to see all the available exterior colors.

Head lights, tail lights are powered by LED technology and mirrors are electric powered. The passenger windows come standard with privacy protection for the second and third rows.

Inside, the car is equipped with a standard radio and CD player, complete with a USB charging port. Power door locks, cruise control and all weather floor mats are just a few of the traits the driver gets to appreciate while on the road.

XLT Model

The XLT model provides more deluxe options than the base model. The head lights use LED and halogen technology, while the tail lights use LED lighting. The side mirrors are electrical powered and have a blind spot mirror that is incorporated to its base. The exterior colors offer optional and a more unique color palette for the drive to choose from.

Privacy glass and tinted windows come standard for the second and third rows, as well as solar tint for the front and windshield glass.

Like the basic model, the XLT comes with a standard radio and CD player with the USB port used for charging.

The options for the XLT model vary slightly than that of the base model, and provides more choice for the driver.

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