Fluid Leaks and the Need for Auto Transmission Repair in Centerville, OH

The need for Auto Transmission Repair in Centerville OH should not be taken lightly. Vehicle owners should not ignore symptoms of trouble, as they could find themselves stranded on the road with the car not being able to shift into gear. They might wind up on a highway only being able to drive 15 miles per hour.

Low Fluid Level

Numerous problems can develop that raise the need for Auto Transmission Repair in Centerville OH. For example, some symptoms may occur because the fluid level is much lower than it should be. That indicates a leak in the equipment that must be repaired.

Regularly Adding Fluid

The vehicle owner can delay for a while by regularly checking and adding more fluid, but leaks tend to get worse over time. Using only the fluid recommended by the manufacturer is crucial to prevent further problems.

In addition, every time the person opens the cap and adds fluid, there is a risk of contaminants getting into the system. Tiny particles may not be visible but gradually make the liquid dirty, just as engine oil gets over time. As this fluid gets dirty, it can cause the transmission to overheat.

Another consideration is that in many vehicles, the fill cap is underneath the vehicle, making it nearly impossible to reach without jacking up the car or using a lift. Recent models may have a completely sealed system and no dipstick. Owners cannot make any adjustments to the fluid. This is high-end equipment that is not expected to need maintenance.

Transmission Flush

Thus, regularly adding transmission fluid is not a long-term solution. If the owner has been doing this for a while, a mechanic at a Complete Auto Repair Maintenance and Service Center may recommend a transmission flush. The equipment then can start over again with fresh, clean fluid after the source of the leak has been found and fixed.

A properly functioning transmission is essential for a smooth ride and preventing the possibility of getting stranded somewhere. When symptoms of trouble develop, the vehicle can be brought to a garage such as Centerville Service Center for highly skilled diagnostic and repair work.

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