Finding A Fair And Honest Auto Mechanic near Goodyear AZ

Every car owner should know where to find an Auto Mechanic near Goodyear AZ, that they can trust. Champs Family Automotive has been a staple in the Goodyear area for years now! We’ve all heard the stories of how people who don’t know much about cars are taken advantage of by some shady auto shops and mechanics. Fortunately, with two locations here in the west valley, it’s not too hard to find a shop that is fair and honest. Just check out their reviews!

Using Word-Of-Mouth

When a person finds an expert Auto Mechanic , they usually don’t keep quiet about it. That’s why asking friends, family, and coworkers about where they get their cars serviced can be of great help. Although some people might just use dealerships for service, they are typically overpaying for services and are not necessarily getting the most experienced technicians in the market. Most corporate shops or dealerships have considerable markups and are well known for recommending unnecessary services.

Online Reviews

Using reviews found on online sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook can also be helpful. You should remember that individuals who have a bad experience might be more likely to post a review, so when a shop has over 100 positive reviews like Champs Family Automotive, you know they operate with a high degree of integrity. With that said, a bad experience might not be because of the auto shop. Perhaps the person is just hard to deal with or had unrealistic expectations. It happens to even the best small business. If there are just a couple bad reviews among many positive ones, it might be worth calling the shop for more information.

Talking To Auto Mechanics

Car owners don’t have to know a lot about automobiles, but they should learn a little so that they can talk to their service advisors and auto mechanics. With smartphones, people can do online searches about what a mechanic or technician says is wrong with their vehicle. That means they can ask questions on the spot. Since your issue might cost good money to get fixed, you shouldn’t be afraid or shy about asking questions. Some great questions to ask might be “in your opinion, what caused this part to fail?” Or, “do you think this failure might have caused damage to other components of the vehicle?”

Browse A Shops Website

Don’t be afraid to check out a shops website. Some shops provide very little information on their services, experience, or their diagnostic process. Other shops are very transparent. It would be in your best interest to find a shop that is detailed about the services they offer, their accolades and certifications, and that provides resources to vehicle owners to help get their vehicle repaired and back on the road quickly. Also look for a shop’s maintenance tips. Maintenance is important because it can help prevent certain systems from developing problems. For example, regular oil changes can serve to protect an engine. Since engines are expensive to replace, a car owner should definitely keep up with their oil changes.

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