European And Classic Car Repairs in Indianapolis Are Available

A car is almost as big of an investment as a home is. Maintaining a car will limit the number of breakdowns or repairs it will need over the years. Car Repairs in Indianapolis IN for Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche should only be performed by highly-trained mechanics. These types of cars require exceptional care. If an owner needs assistance with restoration of a classic or historic car, it must be performed by a technician that has the training and experience to rebuild the engine and remove any rust without damaging the car.

What type of preventative service should a car have?

Porsche maintenance is much different than many other cars. The old oil filter will be cut and inspected for any signs of metal shavings and the oil consistency. A trained technician will remove the lower oil pan and inspect it for damage or shavings that could come from the intermediate shaft bearing. Metal shavings in the oil could cause severe damage to the engine. A magnetic drain plug should always be installed to collect any that might be floating in the motor. Only the formulated German oil that’s designed for high-end German automobiles should be used.

Timing belts are often overlooked. These should be checked at 60,000, 100,000 or 120,000 miles depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Water pumps and tensioners should be inspected at the same time as the timing belt is replaced. These types of car repairs in Indianapolis IN often go unnoticed until a serious engine problem occurs. The air filter and cabin filter should be regularly changed. An air filter should be changed at least every two oil changes to keep an engine receiving the right amount of air supply needed.

Transmission and radiator flushing are two other very important areas that require regular attention. When a transmission is flushed and the fluids replaced, it can reduce the chance of the car developing problems in the future. Radiator flushing can keep an engine operating cooler and improve the heating or cooling inside of the vehicle. If you’re in need of service of your vehicle, please click here.

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