Driver Fatigue and Delays of Vehicle Maintenance Can Keep a Heavy Truck Towing Company Busy

There are times when a full-size pickup truck can actually pull a semi truck out of a troublesome situation, but usually that’s not the case. When a truck slides or veers off the road, or breaks down during a trip, a Heavy Truck Towing Company is almost always necessary to get it to a place of safety.

Delays of Maintenance

Many truck drivers work for small businesses on a self-employment contract basis. All drivers greatly appreciate working for an organization that keeps the vehicles fully maintained and serviced before problems develop, but smaller organizations are more likely to delay these activities. They may be operating on a shoestring, so to speak, and wait until the last possible minute to have any work done on the trucks. That can lead to much bigger and more expensive problems that require a Heavy Truck Towing Company to help manage.

Driver Fatigue

Sometimes, however, the need for towing is due to driver-related issues. The federal government has mandated that truck drivers keep electronic log books by the end of 2017 in an effort to reduce accidents resulting from fatigue. Historically, drivers without electronic logs have routinely falsified their trip records due to pressure from their employers to travel more than legally allowed. Many standard exceptions to this new regulation have been granted and others are in the application stage, so the issues of tiredness and sleepiness behind the wheel are likely to continue at some level.

Manual Shifting

Another factor that may help keep drivers from getting fatigued is the increasing prevalence of automatic transmissions in heavy trucks. It’s hard work to manually shift through many gears over and over all day long. Some drivers are skeptical about the effectiveness of automatics in this type of work, but the skeptics usually don’t seem to be speaking from experience.

A Possible Future

If the new regulation is successful, the need for heavy-duty towing may be decreased. The same may be true if drivers are able to lighten up somewhat on the strenuous activity they must do behind the wheel. In the meantime, companies like USA Towing & Recovery are always ready to assist. Information on this particular organization can be seen at You can also follow them on Twitter.

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