Dodge Dealers in Alamogordo, NM Show Interest in New EV Cars

Ask your favorite Dodge dealership in El Paso, TX, about the newest technologies, and the huge event that comes to mind is the 2021 LA Auto Show. Once postponed in 2020 due to health protocols, the event finally pushed through in November 2021. Visitors to the event have been impressed by cars and concepts from veteran manufacturers and new automakers alike.

Experts have said that electrification is genuinely the direction automakers have been gearing toward in the past few years. And the results of all the research and development worldwide are nothing short of breathtaking. One can expect ultra-stylish models to come out and top-of-the-line models that are efficient and sustainable.

Dodge Dealership in El Paso, TX Mention Their Top Picks: Meet the Edgy Concepts from Asia

A new Vietnam-based player in the game, VinFast, aims to be a trailblazer for auto manufacturers in its country. With the dream of promoting green vehicles for the future, the company unveils its VF e35 and VF e36, both sleek and smart SUVs that are expected to show off their 500 to 550 km range.

EdisonFuture, which is founded in China, is proud to bring in its commercial-based electric vehicles to the mix. While most EVs are smaller units like sedans or SUVs, this company has showcased their EF1-T, a pickup truck, and the impressive EF1-V, a solar-powered delivery van.

Not to be left out are the speed masters from Hyundai. The carmaker, who has found success in its previous Veloster and Ioniq models, introduced the Kona N and the Elantra N at the LA Auto Show. As turbocharged participants, these two models caught the eye of drivers who like fast rides. Hyundai also unveiled its concept vehicle SEVEN, complete with space-age features that are exciting to look at.

Other veterans in the electric vehicle realm maintain their edge in the auto show, with stars like Mazda showing off its adventurous CX-50 crossover and Kia’s 2023 Sportage Hybrid with all-wheel drive and an impressive 800 km range.

Interesting European Newcomers

Perhaps off-roading fans have heard of the Russian automaker Bremach, and its line of 4×4 units making waves in the US. While reviews have mentioned its 2022 Bremach 4×4 as having modest features, it can still compete with affordable models in the market.

Auto industry crowd favorites Subaru and Porsche spared no expense with their fantastic displays. Subaru’s corner showed off a huge 180-degree view LED screen and floor, allowing participants to simulate the experience of the rugged terrains that the 2023 Subaru Solterra can tackle. On the luxurious and sportier side, Porsche once again captivated fans with its stunning 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS sedan and sport turismo models.

Auto shows are expected to get bigger and better, with newer and more impressive technologies released every year. Auto fans certainly can’t wait for what’s to come. To learn more about the coolest and edgiest vehicle concepts, check out Viva CDJRF to stay in the know.

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