Deciding Whether to Wear a Helmet While Riding a Harley in Westmoreland County

New motorcycle riders must become familiar with all relevant regulations where they ride. State laws around the country vary in regard to whether riders must wear helmets and keep the bike’s headlight on at all times. When buying a Harley in Westmoreland County, it makes sense to also buy a helmet for each person who will be riding regularly. Even though Pennsylvania doesn’t require this headgear for every motorcyclist, many other states do. A store such as Z&M Harley-Davidson sells helmets and a variety of apparel from the motorcycle manufacturer. Browse our website to find out the details.

In general, Pennsylvania state laws require helmets for youthful motorcyclists and those without much experience. Anyone under the age of 21 must wear one. Adults who are 21 or older can avoid the requirement by passing the Motorcycle Safety Program. Otherwise, they must have held a motorcycle operator’s license for two years or longer.

People who will be riding the motorcycle in another state must find out whether a helmet is mandated there. In nearby Maryland, for instance, all riders must wear helmets. The state takes the stance that this protective gear prevents serious head injuries in case of an accident.

Some individuals who ride a Harley in Westmoreland County appreciate Pennsylvania allowing each person to decide whether or not to wear a helmet. They view not wearing a helmet as a fundamental right. It’s important to learn information about accident statistics in order to make an informed decision, however. Statistics show that motorcycle accidents, on average, cause more serious injuries than car accidents because the riders are relatively unprotected. Head injuries account for a high percentage of the serious consequences, including fatalities.

If the motorcyclist chooses not to wear a helmet, it’s crucial to practice safe riding habits. As with accidents in other vehicles, alcohol and excessive speed are often implicated. Bikers must avoid being intoxicated when they’re on the road and they must not engage in unsafe behaviors like darting between other vehicles on the highway to get ahead of the pack. They also must practice defensive driving at all times, since so many motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers of other vehicles.

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