Deciding Between Passenger Van and Minivan Rental for a Family Trip

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Vans

An unusually large number of New York City residents don’t bother to own a car. They have no need for one in the city, since public transport, cab service and ridesharing services are so prevalent. Driving a vehicle tends to be a hassle there and parking is an issue. When the family decides to go on vacation out of town or out of state, they must decide which vehicle size is most suitable. For a longer trip and a larger family, the adults may wonder whether a full-sized van or a Minivan Rental would be more comfortable. Passenger vans do have more room, but minivans are generally manufactured for better comfort. There are other advantages as well.

A Minivan Rental will cost less in fuel usage than the full-size van. It likely will cost somewhat less to rent as well. Those are important factors for families on a budget. In addition, driving a passenger van can take a little getting used to because of its length and, sometimes, its height. The driver may miss out on some of the enjoyment of scenery viewing if maneuvering this large vehicle requires more concentration than would normally be the case. Driving a long distance in any vehicle can be tiring, and this is worsened when the person feels stressed about his or her ability to navigate.

People who aren’t all that familiar with the spaciousness of minivans may be surprised at the comfortable seating and all the room for luggage. A standard minivan seats eight. A family of four or five can easily bring a couple of the kids’ friends or cousins along, and there’s room for the family pet as well. The third row of seats generally folds down, providing more room for gear if only two rows are needed. After traveling on a family trip with a minivan from a company such as C.C. Rental, the adults may realize how convenient the vehicle would be for taking a trip upstate with their own friends or siblings, perhaps leaving the youngsters with the grandparents for a few days. Instead of renting separate vehicles and meeting at a resort spot, they could all travel together. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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