Considering the Options for the Full-Time RV Lifestyle Available From RV Dealers in Des Moines

Before a couple makes a purchase from RV dealers in Des Moines for full-time travel, they typically do a lot of research to make sure their selection is the best possible one for the amount of money they can spend. Some are ready to spend as much as they would on a small house, while others need to buy a pre-owned model to keep the price much lower.

Class A Motorhomes

The type of vehicle the couple buys depends partly on the life they plan to lead as full-time RV’ers. A big Class A motorhome provides the ultimate in spacious RV living, but the biggest ones are probably the most difficult to drive. It’s like being behind the wheel of a tour bus. People who buy these vehicles from RV dealers in Des Moines may like the idea of parking it in one place most of the year and using a car or pickup truck to get around locally and make road trips.

Travel Trailers and Fifth-Wheel Models

A very popular option is to buy a good-sized travel trailer or fifth-wheel trailer along with a pickup truck that can handle the load. The special hitch in the truck bed for the fifth-wheel model makes it more stable. There is still plenty of room in these trailers, some of which come with a slide-out for even more space. The truck can be unhitched and used as a passenger vehicle.

Sizes for Affordable Pricing

Although these big RVs could not be considered a cheap investment, people don’t have to be rich to afford a pre-owned trailer in excellent condition. They should be able to find 17-ft. and 24-ft. travel trailers and fifth wheels in the range of $10,000 to $12,000. Floor plans in these models typically include a full bathroom and bunk bed sleeping along with a queen bed.

One way to get a sense of what all the options are like is to spend a day at an RV show. Afterward, heading to a dealership such as Imperial RV Center to make a purchase will not feel as daunting. The couple has done their homework and is eager to hit the road.

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