Considering Performance Car Tuning in Tempe AZ

Increasing a car’s performance requires an increase in the efficiency of an engine which therefore boosts the performance of the car. This can involve simply improving the air and fuel flow to increase the energy and efficiency of the engine. It’s difficult to consider Performance Car Tuning in Tempe AZ without thinking of Cordes Performance Racing. When improving performance there are several areas to be assessed and consider re-vamping for optimal torque in your car.

Cold Air Intake

Installing a cold air intake filter on your engine increases torque by pulling cold air from the outside and forcing more air through the engine. This improved airflow and increased oxygen in the engine increases combustion and therefore improves power.

Aftermarket Exhaust System

Aftermarket exhaust systems such as the popular cat-back exhaust allow for more airflow than the factory exhaust system. This increased airflow and decreased back-flow causes there to be less resistance to gasses entering the exhaust and increases the air/fuel mixture. This will result in increasing horsepower by up to 50% more horsepower than the factory system allowed, as well as an increase in torque.

Engine Tuning

Engine tuning is the modification of the internal combustion engine also known as the Engine Control Unit (ECU). This yields an increase in the engine’s power output for optimal performance. Tuning is performed by adjustments to the carburetor and ignition systems, replacements of air filters, valve train adjustments, and inspection of emission controls. Some tuning is automated in more modern cars but still require periodic calibration to maintain the best performance. Remapping can be performed on turbocharged vehicles that have a modern ECU. This adjusts and balances fuel consumption, torque, power, fuel emissions, reliability and service interval parameters and overall produces a more efficient engine.

Performance Requirement

When assessing your needs for Performance Car Tuning in Tempe AZ, you will want to consider an upgrade that will improve horsepower and torque. Upgrades to air/ fuel intake systems, tires, suspension and shocks, brakes, under-drive pulleys and consider remapping. All these systems will work together to provide increased power output, better handling cars, and improved efficiency. In the end, you will be way ahead of the crowd in the racing world. To learn more Click here now.

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