Cars For Sale: Should You Buy Used Or New

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Auto

As you glance at the cars for sale online and in the ads posted by dealerships in Bridgeton NJ, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the many options available. Among the many choices, you may face, is that between new and used cars. The major question becomes not what model or make to buy but whether to choose new or used.

New or Used

This question never goes away. While no one answer is right for everyone, the following list should help you make an informed decision.


A new car has a certain smell. It represents a feeling of accomplishment and pride of ownership. New cars also offer:

  • An extensive factory warranty
  • Financial options, e.g., low- or zero-percent financing
  • Get to choose such things as color, options, and add-ons
  • Known exactly what you are getting in terms of prior treatment and ownership
  • Latest technology/gadgets including the best safety features
  • Fuel efficiency

However new cars are more expensive. They also depreciate the minute you take them off the lot.


Used cars do not have the cache of new cars. However, they are imminently more affordable. You have a variety of options and, if the used cars for sale you are considering are from a dealership, it may be part of a Certified Pre Owned (CPO) program. Other reasons for considering used over new include:

  • Less depreciation
  • Can buy more for less
  • Many models are only a year or two old and have the add-ons without the extra price
  • Save on sales tax and shipping fees, to name a few

While it may be a risk, if you visit local dealerships in Bridgeton NJ, you can avoid purchasing a problem-riddled yet aesthetically pleasing lemon. Combine this with research on the rankings and a thorough vetting of used cars for sale via credible sources, e.g., Consumer Reports, and you should reduce the stress of choosing between new and used vehicles.

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