Car Features That Give a Driver More Safety or Comfort

When looking for a Ford Edge in Burbank, you are probably focusing on features such as air bags, anti-lock brakes, power steering, front wheel drive and more. These are important features to look for before purchasing a car. But, there are other features that can make your car even more comfortable and safe for your family. Look at four examples.

A Covered Steering Wheel

A steering wheel that’s covered in soft leather can help to ease a driver’s grip especially on a long trip. A comfortable grip on the steering wheel is something a driver may not think about, but it can make trips of any duration more enjoyable.

A Remote Start System

A remote start system on a car is not just a fun trick. It can contribute to a driver’s safety. For instance, if a person is alone in a dark parking lot in an unfamiliar city, it’s best to move to the car and drive away as quickly as possible. A remote starter would be a welcome feature.

Lane-Keeping System

A lane-keeping system is a modern safety tool that can serve to prevent accidents. When a car is moving out of its lane, the steering wheel vibrates alerting the driver to the situation. If a driver becomes distracted by something happening ahead, this signal refocuses the driver regarding their proper position on the road. Look for this features on the Ford Edge in Burbank.

Front and Rear Dome Lights

Front and rear dome lights are helpful when unloading suitcases or other items late at night. You can see the floor of your car, its seats and the backs of the seats with ease.

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