How Can I Figure Out How Much Will a New Car Cost Me?

One of the most important questions you’ll need to ask before you buy a new Volvo in Algonquin is this: how much will it cost me?
It’s a fact: buying a car entails a lot of costs. Here are a few of the things you’ll likely need to pay for. A quick read through this list is an easy way to check if your budget is enough for the car you want, or not:

Dealer Specific Fees

Some dealers might charge you dealer documentary or dealer-specific fees. Make sure you ask about these beforehand so you can factor them into your total budget.

Down Payment

You’ll need to pay upfront costs when you buy a car. Thankfully, you may be able to get financing to help you cover the rest. If you want lower monthly fees, though, going for a bigger down payment will help reduce those costs.


One of the biggest factors in running costs is the kind of fuel your car uses. You can cut on costs by opting for models that run on standard gasoline over diesel engines.


How much tax will you pay for your car? Be sure to know before you get one, and factor it into your budget.


Car insurance premiums stacked on top of your monthly payments can add to your costs. Lower those premiums by having a stellar driving record. Zero marks on your driving record as well as a good credit standing will net you lower insurance rates. Also, choosing a car with plenty of safety features helps drive down the costs as well.

Parking Permits and Tolls

You’ll need to pay for parking or a garage if you don’t have your own space when you buy a new car. Make room in your budget for those parking costs since these can all add up and take a chunk out of your funds.

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