Benefits Of A Glass Door Washington, DC

by | May 4, 2016 | Automotive

A door is the main part of a building that people interact with. A solid metal door is generally the least visitor-friendly type of door and is most often used in utility buildings, warehouses, garages, or factories. A wooden door is a common choice for a residence or an office. While a solid door indicates the interior’s privacy, a glass window insert can add a more welcoming element. Glass doors are almost always the choice of retail stores and public buildings because the transparent view minimizes the barrier between outside and inside, thus encouraging people to enter. Sliding glass doors that open to a deck or patio are a common residential use of glass doors. The following are several benefits of a Glass door Washington DC for your business or residence.

• One of benefits of glass is that it lets in light. Large glass doors in a business or a home serve as windows, adding natural light to your interior and cutting down on power bills. Natural sunlight is easier on the eyes than artificial light, and all light is important for visibility and safety. A well-lit entry way makes a welcoming space for customers and shows off the interior of your store, office, or living room at its best.

• Glass is an attractive material because, unlike metal or wood, it is very easy to keep clean. It doesn’t rust or corrode, it isn’t covered in paint that will flake and chip, and it doesn’t collect dust. Wiping it down with a cloth and some glass cleaner will keep it looking pristine.

• Glass can also be a very durable material. Tempered glass is the type of glass most often used for doors. It is a single sheet of glass that has been treated with heat to strengthen it. Tempered glass is very hard to break, and it is used to make car windows and basketball hoop backboards among other things.

• Glass doors can also be treated to make your home more energy efficient. Double-paned glass and coated glass can help keep in heat in the winter or prevent excess heat in the summer.

Adding or replacing glass doors can significantly improve the public face of your building. For more information about a Glass door Washington DC repair company, visit Beltway Auto & Plate Glass. They provide reliable commercial and residential glass repair and replacement services to Prince George’s County and Silver Springs, MD.

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