Available From Your Dodge Dealer: The Charger, Challenger And Hornet

by | Mar 30, 2023 | Auto Blogonline

Dodge has had more than its fair share of vehicles that have struck the fancy of the motoring public. The company has manufactured everything from family sedans to muscle cars to trucks. In Erie PA, as in many a licensed Dodge dealer, you can look at the latest available offerings.

Two Muscle Cars and a Subcompact SUV

A Dodge dealer in Erie PA is often considered the home of two well-known muscle cars – the Charger and the Challenger, as well as newer SUVs, including the Hornet.

  • Charger: This car has appeared in multiple famous TV and movie chase scenes. It emerged in 1968 and featured the infamous 426 Hemi V8 engine under its hood. An iconic model, it soared in popularity during the 1960s before being discontinued in 1987. Revived once more in 2006, the current model combines the power and drive of the early models with sophisticated technology
  • Challenger: This is a muscle car that has truly improved with age. Since its initial appearance in 1969/70, it has increased its power with a 6.2-liter High-Output HEMI V8 engine and refined its interior.
  • Hornet: This subcompact SUV is being considered the wave of the future in the company. It seats 5 and is available in 4 trim levels.

The Dodge Lineup

Over the years, the Dodge lineup has contracted. However, while the number may have diminished, the quality has not. Contact a Dodge dealer to discover whether a used Charger or Challenger muscle car or the all-new 2023 Hornet subcompact SUV is the better option.

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