A Surprising Number of Components Qualify to Become Recycled Truck Parts in Pasadena TX

Recycled Truck Parts in Pasadena TX provide affordable options for vehicle owners. People may be surprised at all the kinds of used parts that are safe to install for replacing old, worn-out or broken components. From gas caps to transmissions, used components are available from salvage yards that keep inventory on the site and also do searches for customers online.

Why Vehicles Are Brought to Salvage Yards

When a pickup truck is brought to a salvage yard for cash, the owners typically haven’t scavenged it for parts. The vehicle might have been declared a total loss after a collision. Another situation occurs when a vehicle is in need of major repair work, but it is so old and deteriorated that fixing it makes no sense. These vehicles are no longer roadworthy, and the owner can get around $200 for a junk pickup in most locations.

Chains and Belts

In these cases, there may be fairly new components under the hood and other parts that are older but still in good working order. For instance, chains and belts with little to no wear can be used to replace worn components in another vehicle.

Components to Be Rebuilt

Some components can be rebuilt or remanufactured, and sold at a store that sells these products along with new and Recycled Truck Parts in Pasadena TX. Power steering motors, alternators, starters and water pumps are examples. These products when purchased new cost significantly more than rebuilt models do, and many garages offer these options to customers to keep repair costs low.


If the tires have enough tread, they can be sold at a used tire shop. Not all used parts shops sell used tires because of space considerations, but salvage yards may do so because they may have dozens or even hundreds of broken-down vehicles on the property.

Auto Body Parts

Auto body parts also can be purchased from a supplier such as Apache Auto Parts. If the hood, trunk, door, window or other component is dented or broken, it can be replaced to get the vehicle looking great again.

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