A Few Facts About the History and Legacy of the Volkswagen Brand

Few brands carry a legacy and stellar reputation quite as long and storied as the Volkswagen. Since 1937, Volkswagen has produced vehicles that are crafted to be both economical and dependable. It was the ambition of Volkswagen’s creators to make a brand that would give every human being the opportunity to own a vehicle, no matter the amount of money they had to spend on it. Over time the Volkswagen brand expanded to accommodate higher qualities and incomes, but the original spirit remains the same. The engineers who make Volkswagen want you to get every penny out of it that you put into it. Here are a few fun facts to help you know the brand a bit better.

20th Century Masters

The original Volkswagen bug is officially one of the top-selling vehicles of the 20th century. An estimated 21.5 million bugs have been sold since the model was first created.

600,000 Workers

Volkswagen is one of the top employers in the world, hiring well over half a million people to churn out those reliable Volkswagen vehicles. Salespeople, executive staff, designers, engineers, mechanics, and more all compose the Volkswagen family. A Volkswagen dealer in Orland Park is a part of the proud VW family.

Huge Sellers

Volkswagen vehicles account for about 1/10 of all vehicles sold in the world in any given year. Sometimes it’s even more than that, meaning that during your lifetime you’ll see a lot of Volkswagen automobiles on the road featuring sleek designs, economical price tags, and overall quality.

The Meaning of the Word

The German word “Volkswagen” translates to “people’s car” in the English language, and that’s a fair description of its legacy.

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