4 of the Best BMW Maintenance and Service Tips You Need to Know

BMW truly makes some of the best cars on the market right now. If you practice proper maintenance and consistently get BMW service in Chicago, your vehicle is going to be able to continually operate at high levels for many years to come. With that being said, here are some of the best BMW maintenance and service tips:

1. Listen to Your Vehicle

Your car is going to tell you when something is wrong. Most people that notice sounds or tiny problems ignore them until they become worse and unbearable. Before they know it, they’re on the side of the road calling for emergency repair or towing. If you don’t want that to be you, listen to your car when it tells you that something is wrong and get things inspected right away.

2. Check Your Tires Monthly

You should try to check your tires at least once a month. Check them to see if they’re keeping enough pressure, as the car’s computer won’t be able to recognize this if it starts to happen.

3. Check the Rubber Hoses and Gaskets

When you’re checking the tired, you need to get under the hood to take a look at the rubber hoses and the gaskets as well. You should also look for cracks or bad seals, as this can lead to poor performance and breakdown in the future.

4. Change the Oil Every 7,500 Miles

The BMW is going to tell you to change the oil every 15,000 miles, but this isn’t right. You should get your oil changed at 7,500 miles. The more frequently you get it changed, the longer the engine will last.

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