3 Ways to Save On Victory Motorcycles in Daytona FL

by | Nov 23, 2016 | ATV Dealer

There are 3 ways you can save on victory motorcycles in Daytona FL without having to wait, or hunt down the sales! Buying a motorcycle is usually not as cut and dry as it would seem. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking the only way that they can save on the cost on new victory motorcycles in Daytona FL is to wait for the big sales to roll around but there is a very simple way to shave hundreds of dollars of your purchase by looking for these 3 simple benefits.

The Right Dealership

Before the 3 savings are revealed you have to know that not every dealership will offer these benefits as a matter of fact most dealerships do not. They actually work against this savings scheme so choose your dealership wisely. Look for the dealer that is willing to keep costs affordable by not adding in hidden costs that you don’t find out about until you go to close the deal.

Here’s How to Save

There are three things that are going to drive your expenses up when it comes to buying a new motorcycle. Using a dealer that consistently DOES NOT charge these hidden fees will make a difference in how much you are able to save. Look for:


The setup fees are charged by dealerships to make your motorcycle ready to roll out of the showroom. The freight fees are charged for shipping your new motorcycle and the dealer fees they can be tacked on to cover a wide range of dealer activities that really you should not have to pay for separately.

Saving on your new bike can be easy when you know where to shop. Click here to learn more!

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