3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Vehicle’s Cold Air Intake System

A cold air intake system helps your motor generate more power to improve performance. It consists of a special air filter and short, smooth piping. After installing this type of system, you’ll notice improved engine performance almost immediately. However, you’ll have to know the signs that there’s a problem with this system so you can install new cold air intake components promptly.

A Sudden Drop in Engine Performance

As with your vehicle’s regular air filter, the filter in your cold air intake system will get dirty over time. As this filter becomes clogged with dirt and debris, it will interfere with the performance of the engine. You might find it difficult to start the vehicle, or you might notice a loss of power or fuel efficiency. Replacing the filter will usually resolve these issues.

Surging or Excessively High Idling

This type of system uses a vacuum process that routes hot air to vacuum ports and vents. If one of the hoses becomes damaged or loose, the vacuum process won’t be as effective. As a result, the vehicle will idle noticeably higher than normal. You’ll need to replace or reconnect the vacuum hoses to restore engine performance.

Check Engine Light Stays On

You should inspect your cold air intake components if you see that the check engine indicator stays lit. This can suggest that the sensors in the cold air intake system have detected a problem. Often, the sensors prompt the check engine indicator to come on when there’s a vacuum leak.

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